The bootstrap components created with styled-components

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The bootstrap components made with styled-components.

I wanted to use bootstrap with React for fast prototypes, or as entrypoint for my own UI Component Library, or if I needed just one bootstrap component for my application, now I can simply install that specific component. This repository uses lerna to maintain mumltiple packages.


npm install --save styled-bootstrap-components
npm install --save styled-components@^4.1.3 react@^16.7.0 # Peer dependencies

or you can install just the components that you need by following the installation guides in the components section.


For detailed information (also on how to customize this components) take a look at the documentation.

To see which components are available take a look at the components section.

// whatever components you need
import { Button } from 'styled-bootstrap-components';

export const myComponent = (props) => (
  <Button>Hello, World!</Button>


For detailed information take a look at the documentation.


MIT © Lukas Aichbauer