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XLSX Write Stream library

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XLSX Write Stream is a streaming writer for XLSX spreadsheets. Its purpose is to replace CSV for large exports, because using CSV in Excel is very buggy and error prone. It's very efficient and can quickly write hundreds of thousands of rows with low memory usage.

XLSX Write Stream does not support formatting, charts, comments and a myriad of other OOXML features. It's strictly an CSV replacement.


npm i 'xlsx-write-stream'

Example Usage

import XLSXTransformStream from 'xlsx-write-stream';

// Input stream needs to implement Stream.Readable interface
// and each chunk should be an array of values (only string, date and number are supported value types)
    .pipe(new XLSXTransformStream()) // This stream transforms the input into a xlsx format
    .pipe(fs.createWriteStream('file.xlsx')); // We need to store the result somewhere


This package is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.