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➕ Svelte Add

This is a community project to easily add integrations and other functionality to Svelte apps. Its goal is to solve the problems with downloading templates to start your app from:
  • You have to want all the functionality a template includes—no more, no less.

    svelte-add has app initializers that let you select the exact integrations wanted: npm init @svelte-add/kit@latest

  • You have to fall back on following a third party tutorial that could be outdated or take a lot of work to add things missing from that template.

    svelte-add's "tutorials" are one step: npx --yes svelte-add@latest graphql-server

  • You have to rely on the maintainer keeping the template updated as the tools it uses change and the official Svelte app template it was built on changes.

    svelte-add's app initializers are always built on top of the latest version of the official Svelte app templates. Of course it still needs to be maintained as tools change (like Tailwind JIT or the future rewrite of mdsvex), but because it is in a central location and contributed to by many people, problems are found quickly, and fixes are for everyone—not just one specific template.

🪄 Built-in integration adders

In theory, these adders are the most likely to work correctly:

📨 External integration adders

svelte-add is currently being rewritten, so many integrations are still external (added in a primitive and buggy way, unfortunately), until that is complete:

🧰 Creating a SvelteKit app with integrations

The preferred way to add integrations to a SvelteKit app is to start a new one, choosing the ones you want:

npm init @svelte-add/kit@latest
# Follow the prompts to select the integrations you want

If you have a favorite setup, you can recreate it without having to provide any interactive input:

npm init --yes @svelte-add/kit@latest -- --with postcss+mdsvex

Here's a more complete example: to migrate from sapper-firebase-typescript-graphql-tailwindcss-actions-template to SvelteKit, this command can be run to recreate all the functionality:

npm init --yes @svelte-add/kit@latest my-new-app -- --with firebase-hosting+typescript+graphql-server+tailwindcss+eslint+prettier --firebase-hosting-project my-project-123
# NOTE: The Firebase Hosting adder doesn't support this yet.

⚡️ Creating a Vite-powered Svelte app with integrations

The preferred way to add integrations to a Vite-powered Svelte app is to start a new one, choosing the ones you want:

npm init @svelte-add/vite@latest
# Follow the prompts to select the integrations you want

If you have a favorite setup, you can recreate it without having to provide any interactive input:

npm init --yes @svelte-add/vite@latest -- --with bulma+mdsvex

🧩 Adding one integration at a time

Ideally, you can svelte-add an integration any time after app initialization:

# Suppose you started a SvelteKit project
npm init svelte@next

# Then realized you want to write your styles in SCSS
npx --yes svelte-add@latest scss

but there are practically infinite scenarios that an automated tool like this cannot expect, so it doesn't always work. For that reason, we recommend choosing integrations with the appropriate app initializer (SvelteKit or Vite) for an instant result and creating an issue for an eventual fix.

Adders should all be composable, meaning that it should always be possible to run one after another without something breaking:

npx --yes svelte-add@latest coffeescript
npx --yes svelte-add@latest mdsvex
# CoffeeScript should still work

🦺 Safely adding integrations and examining changes

Like when making any significant changes to a repository, ensure you have a backup of your project before svelte-adding an integration.

# Create a git commit with the current project state
git add .
git commit -m "before adding bootstrap"

# Push it to the remote server
git push
# Create another backup if you deem it necessary

# Add an integration
npx --yes svelte-add@latest bootstrap

If you are curious what changes svelte-add made to your code, you can use git to examine what changed since the last commit:

git add --intent-to-add .
git diff

And revert it if needed:

git reset --hard HEAD
git clean -fd

⚙️ Options

  • the output directory when initializing a Svelte app.
  • demos (default false): whether or not to include demonstration code to teach about the integrations and application framework used.
  • install (default true if initializing a Svelte app, otherwise false): whether or not to automatically install dependencies after adding integrations.
  • package-manager (default pnpm if installed, then yarn if installed, then npm): which package manager to use when initializing a Svelte app or installing dependencies.
  • with (default javascript+css): the features (adders and built-in options like eslint, prettier, and typescript) to initialize the Svelte app with.

The specific adders you're using might have their own options, so see their README for that information. For example, the Tailwind CSS adder takes a forms option and a typography option.

🧓 Support for Elder.js

No adders currently support Elder.js, but we would like to! If you can help, see the open issue for it.

🧭 Support for Routify

No adders currently support Routify. If you can help svelte-add support Routify, see the open issue for it.

🌱 Support for Sapper

Sapper is a legacy project, so svelte-add will (probably) never support it.

🏔 Support for Snowpack

Snowpack is a very similar project to Vite, so we recommend using Vite if possible (see the "Creating a Vite app with integrations" section). If you can help svelte-add support Snowpack, create an issue to talk about it.

🌐 Support for Svelte with webpack or Rollup

I personally expect that almost everyone can transition away from these traditional bundlers to Vite without loss of functionality, so there is no planned support for webpack- or Rollup-powered Svelte apps. See the "Creating a Vite app with integrations" section for the recommended approach.

🎁 Contributing

This is a community project! Here are some ways you can help:

  • Battle test (combinations of) adders to make sure they're always composable and find other edge cases, bugs, etc.
  • Fix known issues and missing features in an adder per the open issues in this repository (if it's built-in) or its repository (if it's external).
  • Read this repository's open issues to talk about ideas for new adders.
  • Create a pull request to add your adder to the external integration adders list. Most adders will be rewritten built-in to svelte-add given enough time!

🧪 Developing Locally

  1. Clone the monorepo with submodules: git clone --recurse-submodules

  2. Install dependencies: pnpm install (make sure that you have installed pnpm before)

  3. Make changes to the project and verify them with:

    • pnpm -w lint (usually fixable with pnpm -w format)
    • pnpm -w check
    • pnpm -r test. Modify projects/test/tests/one-adder.js with the right adder to test.
  4. Generate the READMEs for the new and changed adders with pnpm -w generate-readmes

📄 License


🙏 Attribution

svelte-add takes inspiration from existing projects:

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