A toggleable store for Svelte

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import svelteToggleable from '';


Svelte Toggleable

Implements a toggleable store with convenience functions.


npm add svelte-toggleable

Basic usage

This store like object is meant to be a shorthand for typical calls like

<!-- Classic -->
<button on:click="{() => $show = true}">Show</button>
<button on:click="{() => $show = false}">Hide</button>
<button on:click="{() => $show = !$show}">Toggle</button>

<!-- With toggleable -->
<button on:click="{show.on}">Show</button>
<button on:click="{}">Hide</button>
<button on:click="{show.toggle}">Toggle</button>

Default value

The default value of a toggleable store is set true, another value can be passed on initialization.


  • on Sets the value to 'true'
  • off Sets the value to 'false'
  • toggle Flips the value between 'true' and 'false'