Javascript Module to handle swipe events on DOM elements - that emits events on swipe.

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<script type="module">
  import swipeit from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/swipeit';



swipeit is a simple touch event manager for detecting Swipe on a DOM Element. Once registered it emits events when it's swiped; I decided to use cardinal events because it seems more direct than left, right. So events are east, west, north and south.

swipeit is a Javascript Module, when it's compiled with Browserify it works out of the box - if module is not found then it will bind itself to window under the variable swipeit. ie: window.swipeit;


npm install Swipeit --save


var swipeit = require("swipeit");

var element = document.querySelector("div.swipable");

var swipeit = new Swipeit(element);

swipeit.on("east", function(){


var swipeit = new Swipeit( ELEMENT );

Creates a new swipper for the DOM Element passed as argument. You can create many swipper instances for different elements.

swipeit.on( EVENT , callback );

EVENT can be east, west, north and south

The callback is a function, it is passed a parameter with the following object:

  amount: the swipe amount in pixels 
  event: the original swipe ( touchmove ) event

Collaboration and Todo

Open to any suggestion - just send a pull request.

Todo: Make it compatible with other require.js and ES6 Modules.