Synchrotron CLI

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The Synchrotron

Synchronizes your music library with music players.

Synchrotron was built to be extensible with plugins. There's no limit to the supported music library systems or to the supported target devices.

It should theoretically run on any platform that supports node.js, but its primary target environment are Linux based systems.


Install Synchrotron with npm:

npm install -g synchrotron


Simply run synchrotron to get a list of available options. Each plugin brings its own set of configuration options.

To synchronize your Rhythmbox library located at ~/.local/share/rhythmbox with all songs from the playlists "Soundtrack", "Jazz" and "Metal" to the folder /media/USB-Stick/Music, execute the following command:

  --library-adapter rhythmbox
  --rhythmbox-config-dir ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/
  --rhythmbox-library-dir ~/Music
  --rhythmbox-playlists Soundtrack Jazz Metal
  --target-adapter filesystem
  --target-dir /media/USB-Stick/Music

Copying files to MTP devices

It's a bit awkward. You need to first install jmtpfs.

sudo apt install jmtpfs

Then mount your phone to a temporary directory and synchronize to this directory.

dir=$(mktemp -d)
jmtpfs $dir

synchrotron \
  ... \
  --target-adapter filesystem \
  --target-dir $dir

fusermount -u $dir
rm -r $dir


Synchrotron is written and maintained by Philipp Jardas.