Task Runner as a service implemented with Promises.

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Task Runner

Task Runner is a service. It has start and stop methods to process incoming tasks as a FIFO queue. This runner implementation designed to work with promise-based solutions.

Some of the use cases:

  • There are routines where the return value is not critical but it's important to run routines in a sequence.
  • Asynchronous handler requires Promise to wait while there is an execution of routines

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const {Task, TaskRunner} = require('task-runner-promise');

let runner = new TaskRunner();
let myTask = new Task(() => console.log('My Task Routine Finished'));
let taskToken = myTask.createToken();

// Runner could run as a service and you can start before adding new tasks

taskToken.then(() => {
    console.log('Task is complete');

// Output:
// "My Task Routine Finished"
// "Task is complete"



Abstraction around routine. The routine could be any function with synchronous code or Promise.



  • routine {Function}, function which encapsulates execution body for the task


  • {Task}, instance of the Task

Creates instance of the task with the provided routine.



  • {Promise}, pending Promise

The token is based on Promise. This is the tool to be informed about completed work in the provided routine. It's possible to catch errors if the provided routine produces an error. The result of the routine is not captured by design.


Task Runner is where orchestration of the tasks happens. Task Runner designed in a way that could be used as a service. It's possible to create an instance and have it in memory, just start() the service and add new tasks as they arrive. Task Runner will make sure that tasks are executed in a sequence. The design also allows to do tasks in batches, you can add multiple tasks and start() service and wait when the result of the start operation is resolved.

Example for batching:

// Tasks: Task 1, Task 2, ..., Task N
tasks.forEach(task => runner.add(task));

runner.start().then(() => console.log('Finished all tasks'));

// Output:
// Finished all tasks



  • task {Task}, instance of the task

Adds task to the queue.



  • {Boolean}, status if Task Runner is active

Check if Task Runner is active. Task Runner processes tasks only if it's in an active state.



  • {Promise}, promise chain for the current queue

Starts processing for the tasks in the queue. Task Runner awaits for new tasks. Task Runner processes one task at a time.


Stops Task Runner. Any task which is already running will finish disregarding the fact that runner was stopped.