Version control tools for taskcluster images

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  import taskclusterVcs from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/taskcluster-vcs';


TaskCluster VCS Tools (tc-vs)

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Deploying new Docker images

# Edit `Dockerfile` and `src/cli/moz-cache.js` to update the version number.
docker build -t taskcluster/taskcluster-vcs:$VERSION .
docker login
docker push taskcluster/taskcluster-vcs:$VERSION

Deploying new versions on npm

Consider running npm update first and testing the result.

# Edit package.json to update the revision
npm shrinkwrap
npm login
npm publish

Don't forget to commit and push the changes.

Post-Deployment Verification

After publishing a new version to npm and deploying a new docker image with that version, the image and version can be tested by duplicating the tc-vcs TaskCluster hook and replacing the image version number with the newly created version. Run the task and ensure the tasks that it schedules complete successfully. At a minimum tasks for hg, git, and android repo clones should be tested.