React.js powered UI library for developing forms writing less code

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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" (Leonardo da Vinci)


tcomb-form is looking for maintainers. If you're interested in helping a great way to get started would just be to start weighing-in on GitHub issues, reviewing and testing some PRs.

Domain Driven Forms

The tcomb library provides a concise but expressive way to define domain models in JavaScript.

The tcomb-validation library builds on tcomb, providing validation functions for tcomb domain models.

This library builds on those two and realizes an old dream of mine.


This playground, while a bit outdated, gives you the general idea.


With tcomb-form you simply call <Form type={Model} /> to generate a form based on that domain model. What does this get you?

  1. Write a lot less HTML
  2. Usability and accessibility for free (automatic labels, inline validation, etc)
  3. No need to update forms when domain model changes


  • tcomb-forms lets you override automatic features or add additional information to forms.
  • You often don't want to use your domain model directly for a form. You can easily create a form specific model with tcomb that captures the details of a particular feature, and then define a function that uses that model to process the main domain model.


import t from 'tcomb-form'

const FormSchema = t.struct({
  name: t.String,         // a required string
  age: t.maybe(t.Number), // an optional number
  rememberMe: t.Boolean   // a boolean

const App = React.createClass({

  onSubmit(evt) {
    const value = this.refs.form.getValue()
    if (value) {

  render() {
    return (
      <form onSubmit={this.onSubmit}>
        <t.form.Form ref="form" type={FormSchema} />
        <div className="form-group">
          <button type="submit" className="btn btn-primary">Save</button>


Output. Labels are automatically generated.


Browser compatibility: same as React >=0.13.0


Thanks so much to Chris Pearce for pointing me in the right direction and for supporting me in the v0.4 rewrite.

Special thanks to William Lubelski (@uiwill), without him this library would be less magic.

Thanks to Esa-Matti Suuronen for the excellent humanize() function.

Thanks to Andrey Popp for writing react-forms, great inspiration for list management.