Super simple DI for JavaScript, targetted mainly at spec test setup

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  import tel from '';



tel is designed to provide a similar feature to RSpec's let function in mocha. For more information on why this is useful, see this stackoverflow question "When to use RSpec let"

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tel can be used with Node.js and in modern browsers

Install via npm

npm install tel --save

Or simply copy tel.js into the desired location


var Tel = require('tel');
var tel = Tel();

// Set a value
tel('number', 5);
tel('url', '');
tel.also = 'as property';

// Set a lazy value
tel('later', function() {
    return [];

// Access values by property
5 === tel.number;

// Refer to other values
tel('added', function() {
    return tel.later.push(tel.number);

// Values can also be calculated asynchronously
tel('webpage', function(done) {
    request(tel.url, done);

// But make sure you access them asynchronously too
tel.webpage(function(err, response, body) {

Lazy and async values are only ever calculated once per tel() instance.

For more examples, see the unit tests