Teleport module for WebXR THREE.js projects

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Teleport module for WebVR and THREE.js projects.

You can download the project and view the examples.

git clone
cd TeleportVR
npm install
npm run dev


How to import TeleportVR

npm install teleportvr

Import it into your code

import TeleportVR from "teleportvr";

How to Instantiate And Use

After creating your THREE.Scene and THREE.Camera, create a new TeleportVR object.

const teleportVR = new TeleportVR(scene, camera);

Create geometries for the hands and add controller grips, see example code for more info.

Update TeleportVR in your render loop

renderer.render(scene, camera);

Example 1

Basic TeleportVR setup for WebVR and Threejs projects.

TeleportVR Example 1

Example 2

Shoot at objects in the scene.

TeleportVR Example 2

Example 3

Teleport on top of objects in the scene.

TeleportVR Example 3

Example 4

Customising the TeleportVR default meshes.

TeleportVR Example 4

TeleportVR Source Project

This is a typescript project consisting of two sub projects with there own tsconfigs.

To edit this example, then modify the files in ./src/client/ or ./src/server/

The projects will auto recompile if you started it by using npm run dev

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