Storj-NodeJS bindings package

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  import testingUpinkModule from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/testing-upink-module';


uplink-nodejs binding

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Developed using v1.1.0 storj/uplink-c

Binding is not tagged to any release and will use uplink-c master branch.

API documentation and tutorial

Initial Set-up (Important)

NOTE: For Golang

Make sure your PATH includes the $GOPATH/bin directory, so that your commands can be easily used Refer: Install the Go Tools:

export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin

NOTE:: For Nodejs

  • Please ensure Node.js with version 10 or higher is installed

  • Check its version

$ node -v
  • Install node-gyp globally
$ npm install -g node-gyp
  • Install the storj-nodejs Node.js package
$ npm install uplink-nodejs

NOTE: please ensure make is already installed.

NOTE: please ensure node-gyp dependencies is already installed.

NOTE: please ensure @types/node dependencies is installed for running module in typescript.


For more information on function definations and diagrams, check out the Detail or jump to: