testrail api

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  import testrailCucumber from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/testrail-cucumber';


Please use below one it supports both testrail api's and integration with other frameworks


Integration of Cucumber and TestRail

  • Caseids can have either @c or @C Ex: @c123 or @C123
  • BugIds pattern follow as Bug-JIRAID Ex: Bug-DSS-678

# Feature file

Single case tagging:-
  Scenario Outline: 


Mulltiple Case taggings

 @C123 @C789 @c432
  Scenario Outline: 

- CaseID mapping with Bugs

 @C123 @Bug-DSS-678
  Scenario Outline: 
 - Multiple bugs mapping
  @C123 @Bug-DSS-678,DSS-987
  Scenario Outline: 

Create hook file, or you can try hooks of protractor,webdriverio etc

  • If you are using cucumber framework, you can create separe native cucmber hooks as well if needed
import {CucumberRailClient} from "testrail-integration";

const {CucumberRailClient} = require ("testrail-integration");

//username, password, url, runid and version can be passed from .env or config or property file

//Below code you can keep it in Before All hook
const options = {
  username: "test@gmail.com",
  password: "pwd123,
  url: "https://in12.testrail.io"
const testrail = new CucumberRailClient(options);

//Below code , just added flag with or without testrail
After({timeout: 100 * 3000}, async (scenario) => {

  console.log(`Scenario  ${scenario.result.status.toString()}`);
  if (istestrailrun.includes("true")) {
    const runid = 1;
    const version = "Build 1.3.4"
    try {
      await testrail.updateTestRailResults(scenario, runid, version);
    } catch (err) {
      console.log("Error " + err);



Please see LICENSE.md.