core component for thine, a peer-to-peer package manager built on top of IPFS and hypercore

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Here be a lot of dragons.


const thine = new Thine()

Create a new package manager instance.

await thine.ready()

Wait for published and cached package databases to be loaded completely.

thine.publish(sourceFolder, [opts])

Publish your package. Requires a package.thine.json to be present in the directory. This file looks like a normal package.json with two differences:

  • Dependencies have to be specified in the format '{name}\{hash}: {version}'
  • After publish, a thineKey property is added to the file. Don't delete it! It's what allows the update function to identify the feed it should update. This is the hash corresponding to your published package.

thine.update(sourceFolder, [opts])

Update a package. This only works, if you published the package initially.

thine.install(folder, [opts])

Install dependencies listed in the package.thine.json in the given folder.