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think-debounce runs a time-consuming operation. The operation may be called several times concurrently, but within think-debounce, it will only be run once before it's finished.

In particular, You can use think-debounce to avoid duplicate requests for a remote API.


import Debounce from 'think-debounce';
const instance = new Debounce();
instance.debounce(key, callback);
  • key {String} the identity of the operation.
  • callback {Function} the function which contains the operation and returns a Promise object.
  • return {Object} a Promise object.


Take reading a local file for an example:

import Debounce from 'think-debounce';
import fs from 'fs';

let instance = new Debounce();
let readTimes = 0;
let awaitKey = 'readMyFile';
let filePath = '../my/file/path';
let readMyFileCallback = () => {
  return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    // even if `readMyFile` operation is called several times,
    // `readMyFileCallback` will only be run once before it's finished.
    readTimes ++;
    fs.readFile(filePath, {encoding: 'utf8'}, (err, data) => {
      if(err) reject(err);

let promise1 = instance.debounce(awaitKey, readMyFileCallback);
let promise2 = instance.debounce(awaitKey, readMyFileCallback);

return Promise.all([promise1, promise2]).then(values => {
  console.log(readTimes); // 1