Convert the first parameter of a function to use "this"

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Convert the first parameter of a function to use "this"

Somtimes you have a helper function, and it takes one or more parameters, which you apply many times. Your code tends to look something like this:

var obj = { /* ... */ };


Rather than having that doSomethingWith function be its own standalone function, it may be easier to extend obj such that you don't have to always supply that first parameter.

var obj = {
  doSomethingWith: function () {
    return doSomethingWith(this);

Now that's just some unnecessary boilerplate. And so thisify saves you from having to deal with that.

var obj = {
  doSomethingWith: thisify(doSomethingWith)

Usage with ES7

import thisify from 'thisify';

const obj = { /* ... */ };

const doSomething = thisify(doSomethingWith);



thisify is MIT Licensed