stand-alone library of threejs examples

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Stand-alone version of threejs/examples/jsm written in Typescript & built for ESM & CJS.

Basic usage

npm install three-stdlib
// Export collection
import * as STDLIB from 'three-stdlib'
// Flatbundle
import { OrbitControls, ... } from 'three-stdlib'
// Pick individual objects
import { OrbitControls } from 'three-stdlib/controls/OrbitControls'


threejs/examples were always considered as something that you need to copy/paste into your project and adapt to your needs. But that's not how people use them. This causes numerous issues & little support.


  • Real, npm/node conform esm modules with marked dependencies
  • Class based, optimized for tree-shaking, no global pollution, exports instead of collections
  • A build system for esm and cjs
  • Single flatbundle as well as individual transpiles
  • Typesafety with simple annotation-like types
  • CI, tests, linting, formatting (prettier)

But most importantly, allowing the people that use and rely on these primitives to hold a little stake, and to distribute the weight of maintaining it.

Let's give jsm/examples the care it deserves!

How to contribute

If you want to get involved you could do any of the following:

  • Create amazing stories for these examples for our dedicate storybook
  • Convert some of the files to Typescript
  • Add new examples for the library you think could be awesome for others