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3VOT Compiler

3VOT Corporation brings this amazing invention that changes the way we develop Web & Mobile Applications.

We deliver the promise of web components, spreading some developer love by eliminating all complexities related to html, js and css based components.

This technologies allows developers to build web applications based on re-usable encapsulated components. This is done by grouping the design, look and functionality of any web component in a single folder.

Developers can then choose to pack several components into one JS file, that's consumed by the web application.

This not only provides the best structure to build robust web applications, but also sets the table to load web & mobile apps much faster; since not all components need to be loaded at launch time, some of them can be packed and delivered in a way that are loaded by the application when they need it.


  1. Reducing Applications Size by xx%

  2. Promotes the best programming principles like encapsulation, DRY, etc.

  3. Exponentially increases development speed of web applications and it's components

  4. Increases the effectiveness of developers by keeping related files in folders

  5. Introduces a Build Process thats compatible with Testing, Q&A and Continuos Integrations


  1. 3Vot Compiler is a stand-alone NPM Module used in the development context of NODE.JS

  2. Components are wrapper in the CommonJS specification, to share both components and structure in node.js enviroments

  3. *3VOT compiler is able to load and pack NPM Modules for use in the Browser

  4. 3VOT Compiler ATM only compiles LESS, COFFEE, JS and ECO files.