Tiny and extremely fast globbing

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Tiny Glob

tiny glob

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Tiny and extremely fast library to match files and folders using glob patterns.

"Globs" is the common name for a specific type of pattern used to match files and folders. It's the patterns you type when you do stuff like ls *.js in your shell or put src/* in a .gitignore file. When used to match filenames, it's sometimes called a "wildcard".


npm install tiny-glob

Core Features

  • 🔥 extremely fast: ~350% faster than node-glob and ~230% faster than fast-glob
  • 💪 powerful: supports advanced globbing patterns (ExtGlob)
  • 📦 tiny: only ~45 LOC with 2 small dependencies
  • 👫 friendly: simple and easy to use api
  • 🎭 cross-platform: supports both unix and windows


const glob = require('tiny-glob');

(async function(){
    let files = await glob('src/*/*.{js,md}');
    // => [ ... ] array of matching files


glob(str, options)

Type: function
Returns: Array

Return array of matching files and folders This function is async and returns a promise.


Type: String

The glob pattern to match against.

OBS: Please only use forward-slashes in glob expressions. Even on windows


Type: String
Default: '.'

Change default working directory.


Type: Boolean
Default: false

Allow patterns to match filenames or directories that begin with a period (.).


Type: Boolean
Default: false

Return matches as absolute paths.


Type: Boolean
Default: false

Skip directories and return matched files only.


Type: Boolean
Default: false

Flush the internal cache object.


Though Windows may use /, \, or \\ as path separators, you can only use forward-slashes (/) when specifying glob expressions. Any back-slashes (\) will be interpreted as escape characters instead of path separators.

This is common across many glob-based modules; see node-glob for corroboration.


glob x 13,405 ops/sec ±1.80% (85 runs sampled)
fast-glob x 25,745 ops/sec ±2.76% (59 runs sampled)
tiny-glob x 102,658 ops/sec ±0.79% (91 runs sampled)
Fastest is tiny-glob
│ Name      │ Mean time               │ Ops/sec     │ Diff           │
│ glob      │ 0.00007459990597268128  │ 13,404.843  │ N/A            │
│ fast-glob │ 0.000038842529587611705 │ 25,744.976  │ 92.06% faster  │
│ tiny-glob │ 0.00000974110141018254  │ 102,657.796 │ 298.75% faster │

Advanced Globbing

Learn more about advanced globbing


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