unofficial small tmdb api client

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import tmdbFetch from '';



unofficial small tmdb api client

get info of millions of movies and series from the public api of

this library provides functions to generate request links if you don't know api process

Get started

you need a TMDB account and api_key, only one for user!

<script src=""></script>
  tmdb('<<api_key>>', { language: 'es-MX', include_adult: false })
    .search('toy story 4')



<script src=""></script>
import tmdb from 'tmdb-fetch'


single method chain

tmdb('<<api_key>>', { include_adult: false }).movies().search('spiderman').then(render)

multiple config

tmdb('<<api_key>>', { language: 'es-MX', include_adult: false })

const app1 = tmdb.movies() // spanish and no adult config inherited
const app2 = tmdb.tvSeries({ language: 'fr-FR' }) // spanish overloaded to french, no adult
const app3 = tmdb.movies({ with_genres: ['comedy'] }) // comedy in spanish

send requests

search a movie

// show user results of movies from an html input
const value = getValueAnyWay('#my-input'){ results }) => renderAnyWay(results))

discover movies

// movies on cinemas at 2019
  .discover({ primary_release_date: { gte: '2019-01-01', lte: '2019-12-31' } })
  .then(({ results }) => renderAnyWay(results))

full info about movie

const annabelle3Info = await app1.findById(521029)

Extra features

image full url

app3.findById(521029).then(({ title, poster_path, overview }) => {
  el.innerHTML = /*html*/ `
    <img src="${tmdb.image(poster_path, 300)}"/>


this library is small, i'll be happi of acept commits with more funcionality

create better documentation and copy-paste examples is also planned