Rational class using BigInt with fallback to bignumber.js

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  import toughRational from '';



A library for handling arbitrary-precision rational values, backed by BigInt if it is supported in the envrionment, otherwise will fall back to bignumber.js

This library is designed to be used as a drop in replacement for existing big number libraries, thus exports many method aliases for convenience.


Create a Rational with the constructor, (new is optional)

All methods support 0 or 1 argument. Arguments are always coerced to a tough-rational Supported methods on the Rational prototype include (with aliases in parentheses):

  • plus (add)
  • minus (subtract, sub)
  • dividedBy (div, divide)
  • dividedToIntegerBy (idiv, divToInt)
  • multiply (mul, multipliedBy)
  • toString (toFormat, toDecimal, toPrecision) (this method accepts a decimal precision argument to render to strings of desired precision)
  • div10
  • pow10
  • pow
  • leq (lte)
  • geq (gte)
  • gt
  • lt
  • eq (equals)
  • neq
  • abs
  • ceil
  • floor
  • fractionalComponent
  • gtZero
  • isFinite
  • isNaN
  • isNonZero
  • isZero
  • ltZero
  • mod