Allow `import * as img from 'foo.png'` in TS

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  import tsTransformImg from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ts-transform-img';



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This is a TypeScript AST Transformer that allows you to write import * as img from 'foo.png'. Depending on file size, the img with be base64-inlined in the source or aggregated via onImgExtracted.


First of all, you need some level of familiarity with the TypeScript Compiler API.

compile.ts & tests should have examples of how this works. The available options are:

threshold?: number

Threshold of img size that will be inlined, default to 10K

interpolateName?: InterpolateNameFn | string

Function to generate ID for the img asset

onImgExtracted(id: string, filePath: string): void

Function that gets triggered every time we found an asset