Pre-packaged tsconfig.json's for Beemo configured projects.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import tsconfigBeemo from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/tsconfig-beemo';



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Pre-packaged and modern TypeScript tsconfig.jsons. Each config assumes that TypeScript will only be used as a type checker and not a compiler.

yarn install --dev tsconfig-beemo


Extend the config from your root tsconfig.json.

    "extends": "tsconfig-beemo/tsconfig.json",
    "include": ["src/**/*"]

Configs only define compilerOptions and not include, exclude, references, etc.


  • First-class support for ECMAScript modules and their syntax.
    • Supports synthetic default exports.
    • Enables ES interoperability and isolation.
    • Enables the esnext lib.
    • Targets es2020 (since we only type check).
  • Supports project references through the tsconfig.workspaces.json config.
    • Enables declaration emitting.
  • Supports React through the tsconfig.react.json config.
    • Enables the dom lib.
    • Sets JSX transform to react.
  • Strict and performant by default (of course).
  • Does not check JavaScript files.