manage npm owner status in bulk

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This is a module template the npm owner command to make management of open source projects with many contributors easier, by keeping specific lists of users with access and optionally packages they should have ownership of.

This doesn't bend any laws you need to be an owner of the package yourself in order to add other owners, just like you would using npm owner.


This is a template, not a finished project. It is meant for you to copy & rename. For instance, at Mapbox, we have a copy called mapbox-owners that adds all employees to a package. It's called mapbox-owners and has a hardcoded list of people in the package: updating the package updates the list.

Do the same: fork this, rename it in package.json to something else, change the names of the binaries, and change the example-users.json and example-packages.json configuration files to suit your fancy.


npm install -g ownership


Provides two utilities:


ownership: takes one argument, the name of the package, and adds all users to that package as owners. For instance:

ownership express

Would add all users in example-users.json as owners to the express packages.


ownership-all doesn't take any arguments: it adds all users in example-users.json to all packages in example-packages.json.