Extended functions for defining and converting data types.

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Extended functions for defining and converting data types.


Install with npm:

$ npm install --save typeof-utility


All functions

import * as Utils from 'typeof-utility';

Or individual functions

import {isString, isNumber, isNumeric} from 'typeof-utility';
const text = "text", infinityValue = 1/0, textNumber = "1";

typeof text === "string"; // boolean -> TRUE
typeof infinityValue === "number"; // boolean -> TRUE
typeof textNumber === "number"; // boolean -> FALSE

isString(text); // boolean -> TRUE, equiv `typeof text === "string"`
isNumber(infinityValue); // boolean -> FALSE
isNumber(textNumber); // boolean -> FALSE
isNumeric(textNumber); // boolean -> TRUE


Function Description
instanceOf(left: any, right: any): boolean Default instanceof wrapper.
typeOf(value: any): boolean Default typeof wrapper.
isNumber(value: any): boolean Value is number, not NaN and is finite.
isNumeric(value: any): boolean Value is number or a string convertible to a number, not NaN and is finite.
isScalar(value: any): boolean Value is null, undefined, string, boolean or number.
isFunc(value: any): boolean Value is function.
isObject(value: any): boolean Value is object, not null.
isPlainObject(value: any): boolean Returns true if an object was created by the Object constructor.
isString(value: any): boolean Value is string.
isBool(value: any): boolean Value is boolean.
isNull(value: any): boolean Value is null or undefined.
isSymbol(value: any): boolean Value is classified as a Symbol primitive or object.
isDOMElement(value: any): boolean Value is likely a DOM element.
isWindowElement(value: any): boolean Object is window.
isEmpty(value: any): boolean Value is an empty object, collection, map, or set.
isWeb(value: any): boolean The script works in the browser.
isCli(value: any): boolean The script is running as a CLI.
type(value: any): string Extended Value Type
Possible values: Null, Undefined, Array, Date, RegExp, Event, Node, Window, NodeList, Object, Number, NaN, Infinity, Symbol, String, Boolean, Function
toString(value: any): string Convert value to string.
Warning: if the value is a function, it will be called


Copyright © 2019, GoshaV Maniako. Released under the MIT License.