A compiler for generating strongly typed analytics clients via Segment Protocols

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  • 💪 Strongly Typed Analytics: Generates strongly-typed Segment analytics clients that provide compile-time errors, along with intellisense for event/property names, types and descriptions.

  • 👮 Analytics Testing: Validate your instrumentation matches your spec before deploying to production, so you can fail your CI builds without a manual analytics QA process.

  • 🌐 Cross-Language Support: Supports native clients for analytics.js, analytics-node, analytics-android and analytics-ios.

  • Segment Protocols: Built-in support to sync your typewriter clients with your centralized Segment Tracking Plans.

Get Started

# Walks you through setting up a `typewriter.yml` and generating your first client.
$ npx typewriter init

For more instructions on setting up your typewriter client, such as adding it to your CI, see our documentation.