A small utility that can convert some of the ultisnippets snippets into Visual Studio Code format.

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  import ultisnippets2vscode from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ultisnippets2vscode';



Small application that can convert snippets written for UltiSnips in the JSON format that Visual Studio Code can digest. It works with just simple variables (no replacements, no flags, no executions)


In order to install this run:

npm install -g ultisnippets2vscode


Assuming this would be the content in the ts.snippets:

snippet for "A for snippet"
for (var ${1:i} = 0; $1 < ${2:array}.length; $1++) {
        var ${3:m} = $2[$1];

You can run the command:

ultisnippets2vscode --in ts.snippets\
     --out vscode-0.9.1/resources/app/extensions/typescript/snippets/typescript.json

Then in the typescript.json file the content would be:

    "for": {
        "prefix": "for",
        "description": "A for snippet",
        "body": [
            "for (var ${i} = 0; ${i} < ${array}.length; ${i}++) {",
            "\tvar ${m} = ${array}[${i}];",

File Type

If you're using multiple file types a lot, you can also use them, and specify via -t:

ultisnippets2vscode -t html.hbs.handlebars -o html.json

This will parse all the files from the folder specified in the environment variable VIM_ULTISNIPS_FOLDER named all.snippets, html.snippets, hbs.snippets and handlebars.snippets if they exist.

extends and priority keywords are also respected.


  • 2017-01-07 v0.3.0 Vim filetypes support. (eg. html.hbs.txt)
  • 2017-01-07 v0.2.0 Allow multiple input files. Priority.
  • 2015-10-28 v0.1.1 Added readme.
  • 2015-10-28 v0.1.0 Initial release.