Utility to run unit tests

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  import unitTest from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/unit-test';



The unit-test module is a very light-weight unit test runner that was created simply to satisfy a need for something that did this job when I was in an internet-free zone. Feel free to fork and make improvements.

Currently you get:

var UnitTest = require('unit-test'), // namespace entity
    TestSuite = UnitTest.Suite, // the test runner
    Assertions = UnitTest.Assertions; // selection of assertions to use in tests

// run specifically named test files
TestSuite.namedFiles('testA.js', 'testB.js');

// find all matching test files and run those
TestSutie.paths(__dirname__, 'tests/**.js');

Each test file loaded by the test suite should export an object that contains optional setUp and tearDown functions and any number of functions that begin with the word test. For example:

var Assertions = require('unit-test').Assertions;

module.exports = {
   'setUp':    function() { /* do something */ },
   'tearDown': function() { /* do something */ },
   'testCheck whether something is false': function() {
      Assertions.assertEquals(!1, false);
   'testCheck whether something is false with a name': function() {
      Assertions.assertEquals("Checking something is false", !1, false);

For convenience, unit-test also includes sinon as require('unit-test').Sinon, Sinon (www.sinonjs.org) is a fantastic library for mocking, stubbing and spying on functions and objects in any unit test.