static file backend for unpm json data

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a static-file backend for μnpm


var backend = require('unpm-fs-backend')

config.backend = backend(metaDir, userDir, tarballsDir)


backend(metaDir, userDir, tarballsDir, miscDir) -> Backend

Where metaDir is where to store package metadata, userDir is where to store user data, tarballsDir is where your .tgz files live, and miscDir is where any arbitrary data stored by middleware will go (using Backend.set and Backend.get).

Backend is an Event Emitter with the following methods:

  • getUser(name, done)

Retrieves user data for user name and calls done as a node-style callback (function(err, data))

  • setUser(name, data, done)

Saves user data to name and calls done with node-style callback when complete

User information should be an object of form:

    name: String
  , email: String
  , salt: String
  , date: String
  , password_hash: String

Emits setUser(name, data, previousData) where previousData is the data name had before being set (null in the case of no previous data).

  • createUserStream(options)

Get a key/value stream of users, options should be of a form matching levelup's createReadStream options.

  • getMeta(name, done)

Get metadata about package name, calls a node-style callback with data.

  • setMeta(name, data, done)

Save package metadata for name and calls a node-style callback when complete.

Emits setMeta(name, data, previousData)

Metadata should be an object that looks like EXAMPLE-META-DATA.json

  • createMetaStream(options)

Get a key/value stream of metadata, options should be of a form matching levelup's createReadStream options.

  • getTarball(name, version) -> ReadableStream

Returns a readable stream of the .tgz file for package name at version.

  • setTarball(name, version) -> WritableStream

Returns a writable stream for a .tgz file for package name at version. The tarball must conform to the specification as outline by npm-install

  • get(key, done)

Get the value of key from the miscellaneous key/value store.

  • set(key, value, done)

Save value to key in the misc. key/value store.

Emits set(key, value, previousValue)

  • createStream(options)

Get a key/value stream for misc. data, options should be of a form matching levelup's createReadStream options.