Update dependencies from the ../ of a repo into the repo's node_modules directory

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import updot from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/updot';



Copy dependencies from repos in the ../ folder to the current repo's node_modules. This is useful for development on dependent modules in a React Native project as npm link is broken in React Native.

Script will search in all folders at the peer level to the current project that dotdotdep is installed in and compare the folder name to all the folders in node_modules. if any match, it will call npm run build in that peer level folder then copy its contents into the same folder name in node_modules. If will first rm -rf the destination folder in node_modules. The contents in the source folder that it will copy will be either:

  1. Files that match the package.json files array. or if there is no files array in package.json

  2. All files excluding

    [ '/node_modules', '.git', '.idea', '.vscode', '.babelrc', '.eslintrc.json', '.flowconfig' ]

To use

npm install updot --save-dev

Then add a line to your scripts section

"updot": "updot",

To update the node_modules

npm run updot


Change the source directory by passing a directory path as an argument after -s

"updot": "updot -s ../../myotherfolder",

Updot only a single dependency

npm run updot -- edge-currency-bitcoin