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  import utyls from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/utyls';


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1. What is utyls?

utyls is aimed to provide a collection of JavaScript utility functions.

2. How to install utyls?

You can install utyls by using npm, type npm install utyls, npm will fetch utyls and installs it.

3. Basic Usage

var Utyls=require('utyls');

var utyls=new Utyls();


4. API

1. isChar(any:Any)
  • isChar(any:Any) will take any value as parameter and will return true if the value is character else false.
  • Output: boolean(true/false)
  • Parameters: isChar(Any)
2. isInteger(any:Any)
  • isInteger(any:Any) will take any value as parameter and will return true if the value is integer else false.
  • Output: boolean(true/false)
  • Parameters: isInteger(Any)
3. leftpad(str:string,len:number,paddingchar:character)
  • leftpad function will add padding characters to the beginning of the string to make it length equal to len variable passed as 2nd parameter. For example utyls.leftpad('7',3,'0') will produce 007
  • We use * as default character. If you do not specify a padding character, the string will be prefixed with *. utyls.leftpad('7',5) will produce ****7
  • If invalid datatypes are passed as parameters the function will throw an error and will return undefined.
  • If required length is less than the length of the string that is passed, the function returns the same string.
  • Output: string/undefined (Padded string of length equal to required length)
  • Parameters: leftpad(String,required_length,PaddingCharacter)

5. Contribute

Anybody can contribute to this repository. Initiate pull requests and we will look into it. Contribution guidelines coming soon.