Tree view in tables

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<script type="module">
  import uxrocketTreelist from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/uxrocket.treelist';


UX Rocket Treelist

UX Rocket Treelist component provides an expandable/collapsible row systems for the tables. Semantically, all rows are in the same level but visually they are bound with id and parent/child relation.


According to your usage, you can use directly dist version or, add lib to your project. First you need to checkout the packages from either npm or bower


npm install uxrocket.treelist

or bower

bower install uxrocket.treelist

For Development

If you want to add your project source, import JS and Sass files in lib folder to your project. For the Sass files, use _uxrocket-treelist.scss partial file instead of uxrocket.treelist.scss

// styles.scss
// Plugin styles
@import "<path-to-treelist>/lib/_uxrocket-treelist";

// Your project styles
// app.js
// If you use Grunt or Gulp, add <path-to-treelist>/lib/uxrocket.treelist.js to your config
// For Codekit or similar tools
// @codekit-append '<path-to-treelist>/lib/uxrocket.treelist.js'

For Direct Usage

In your HTML after jQuery add uxrocket.treelist.min.js and add styles to your head

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="<path-to-treelist>/dist/uxrocket.treelist.min.css" />
    <script src="<path-to-jquery>/jquery.js"></script>
    <script src="<path-to-treelist>/dist/uxrocket.treelist.min.js"></script>


Sample HTML structure as follows,

<table class="treelist" data-on-destroy="console.log('removed')">
        <tr data-uxrtl-id="1" data-on-expand="console.log('expanded')">
            <td class="uxr-treelist-toggle">UX Rocket Treelist</td>
        <tr data-uxrtl-id="2" data-uxrtl-parent="1">
        <tr data-uxrtl-id="3" data-active="true">
            <td>UX Rocket Autocomplete</td>
        <tr data-uxrtl-id="4" data-uxrtl-parent="3">
        <tr data-uxrtl-id="5">
            <td>UX Rocket Modal</td>

After preparing above HTML, bind plugin to your table

    // standard

By default, treelist does not have a configurable options. You can define, onReady and onRemove callbacks for related events. However, you can add options via data attributes to nodes.


Property Default Description
header null Custom class names for parent rows
content null Custom class names for child rows
toggle null Custom class names for toggle
Data Attributes Description
data-on-expand Function/method called after parent row expaned. Applies to parent row
data-on-collapse Function/method called after parent row collapsed. Applies to parent row
data-active If set true parent row and its sub rows will be expanded on load.
data-uxrtl-id Generic ID attribute for rows. Only required if row is a parent
data-uxrtl-parent Parent ID for the child rows. Required for obtaining parent/child relation
data-on-ready Function called after plugin binded to table. Applies to table itself
data-on-remove Function called when plugin destroyed. Applies to table itself
onReady Function called after plugin binded to table. Applies to table itself
onRemove Function called when plugin destroyed. Applies to table itself
uxrready Triggered when plugin bind to table
uxrexpanded Triggered when a row expanded
uxrcollapsed Triggered when a row collapsed
uxrleafcollapsed Triggered when a child row, is also a parent row, collapsed
uxrremove Triggered when plugin destroyed/removed from table

Public Methods

Method Description
$(selector).treelist(options) Binds plugin to a table
$.uxrtreelist Plugin name
$.uxrtreelist.version Displays the plugin version
$.uxrtreelist.settings Displays the default plugin settings