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V11 JS Runtime for A11Y

Apache 2.0 License Travis (.com) Northwestern HCI NSF Grant 1901456

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Made with :purple_heart: in Evanston, IL at the Northwestern Inclusive Technology Lab

V11 is a JavaScript runtime and code editor for building accessibility plugins, workflows, and applications. It is built on top of V8 and works to provide a lightweight and easy to learn interface for querying and manipulating applications and accessibility APIs using the features you love from JavaScript and relieving you of cross-platform nightmares.

If you're only interested in using V11 in a new or existing tool, just follow these instructions.

The instructions here very briefly cover steps to build the V11 REPL. They assume you have typical native development tools setup for your OS, and support for Node.JS and Git. For more details of required dependencies, building V11 with different options, etc. follow these links instead:

Installing V11

To add V11 to an existing Node.JS project install using

yarn add v11

Good luck and happy coding!


We welcome contributions of all kinds from filing issues and bug or typo fixes to large feature implementations. Our team is trying to build the premiere tool for developing assistive services on all platforms, so we need your help!

If you have ideas or want to start working on a contribution, file an issue and submit a pull request.

Read more in the CONTRIBUTING.md file.

This project is supported by NSF Award 1901456