Pre-build version of V8 to be used by React Native apps (Non Intl supported version)

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  import v8AndroidNointl from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/v8-android-nointl';


npm version Build for Android iOS build

V8 build scripts for React Native Android

The aim of this project is to support V8 runtime for React Native.

Integrate prebuilt V8 library

We publish prebuilt V8 shared libraries at npm. https://www.npmjs.com/package/v8-android

This makes upgrade V8 from React Native easier and is pretty much like what jsc-android-buildscripts did.

To integrate with React Native, please check react-native-v8.

V8 Feature Flags

V8 comes in 4 flavours

  • v8 lite mode (memory optimized)
  • v8 lite mode + no intl (memory optimized + smaller size)
  • v8 JIT (performance optimized)
  • v8 JIT + no intl (performance optimized + smaller size)


  1. Single libv8android.so (or libv8.so on iOS) file.
  2. Support i18n and JavaScript Intl.
  3. V8 Lite mode (JIT-less mode) https://v8.dev/blog/v8-lite
  4. Build by Android official NDK r19c which prevent potential ABI incompatible issue to integrate with React Native.

Build Guides


  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • git + python + nodejs + npm + wget + yarn

Build steps

# Checkout V8 code and install necessary packages
yarn setup

# Build
yarn start

Could further check real build steps from GitHub Actions.