Talking effect over typing effect using shabdawali js

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<script type="module">
  import vaarta from '';


वार्ता (vaarta)

Conversation effect over typing effect by शब्दावली (shabdawali)

How to use

var vaarta  = new Vaarta({
    repeat : true

vaarta.add("Husband", document.getElementById("amit"), {
    typoEffect: true,
    deleteEffect : false,
vaarta.add("Wife", document.getElementById("nushi") , {
    deleteEffect : false,

vaarta.and("Husband", "Wow! this smell is ... making me hungry")
            .and("Wife", "Wait!!", 100)
            .speak("Wife", "I said wait. You can't eat..", 3200)
            .and("Husband", "but .. ", 300)
            .and("Wife", "let's the guests take first", 300)
            .speak("Husband", "come on!!", 2500)
            .speak("Husband", "I'm just tasting if they're cooked well", 1000)
            .and("Wife", "I cooked them", 0)