A shootout to verify the quality of node-validate-email

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A shootout test of node-validate-email

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Dude, seriously, how many email validators are there out there? How hard are they to pick between?

I got tired of it. I'm making a proof of it.

I'm going to release a better email validator soon. I'm not done yet, but my prerelease is already spitting distance behind best I can find. (I'm coming for you, Steve.)

It's data time!

Of a possible 266 (better numbers are on their way soon) :

Score Pct Name
195/266 73.31 Steve
195 73.31 validator
195 73.31 validate-email
194 72.93 bvl from StackOverflow
194 72.93 Parsley
190 71.43 Sectrean
174 65.41 RFC2822 HTML5
165 62.03 Fighting for a Lost Cause
156 58.65 Sitepoint
153 57.52 Tugrul Asik
153 57.52 Microsoft
153 57.52 JsKit
149 56.02 Naive @ and . test
145 54.51 Voyager w/ brackets
132 49.62 Voyager locked



... for now. My package is tied with his regex (because I copied it,) so he gets the win.

Improvements incoming. :smile:

How, please

First, I gathered a bunch of email test data, and put it into packages like testdata-valid-email, testdata-invalid-email, and testdata-newtld-email, from excellent community resources like Fighting for a Lost Cause.

Then, I made a mechanic to test them one at a time, and count the results.

Finally, I gathered as many email validators as I could find, and I leveraged them.

Polemic :neckbeard:

node-validate-email-shootout is MIT licensed, because viral licenses and newspeak language modification are evil. Free is only free when it's free for everyone.