CLI for Valist to test staging configurations locally

Usage no npm install needed!

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Valist CLI

Manage the hosting of your applications with simple commands.

Run your deployment configuration locally to ensure that it works as intended.


npm i -g valist

Example configuration

See more examples in the samples folder.


  "static": {
    "build": "./Dockerfile",
    "dist": "/app/dist",
    "cmd": ["npm", "run", "build"]


FROM node:alpine
COPY . /app

Run your app locally

Standing in your project's root directory, run the following command.

valist local

About Valist

Hosting for agile web development

Short feedback cycles produces more successful projects significantly faster. Get visibility in your app's development by automatically deploying previews as your code changes.

Using Valist

1. Connect your repository

Deploy your website automatically by connecting your GIT repository in GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitlab.

2. Configure build settings

Specify a build command for static apps or a Dockerfile to run your website the way you need it to run.

3. Deploy every pull request

A staging environment for each pull request with a public URL, automatically updated on each push.