Mail Merge module for NodeJS with mongodb

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Send automated personalized email to your contacts.

A mail merge module for Node with MongoDB.


See test/pm-tasks.* for an example.

valmerge accepts config containing the message templates, options, smtp server, and the mongodb query details, and merges the data from the mongodb collection with the template, and sends mails. This is a mail merge program.


npm install valmerge


0.0.6: Oct 31, 2016 - Added logging support. If config.log is used, valmerge will log each email record in the database.

0.0.6: Oct 31, 2016 - Added send summary feature. If config.summary is used, valmerge will send summary mail of each execution.

0.0.7: - Documentation update. 0.0.7: - changed some names of the config object; config.query renamed to config.dataset config.db moved to config.dataset.db renamed to is a template instead of a column name. Fixed a bug. Added config.messageFile option; if set, will get the message template from here. Else use config.message; 1.0.0 - this includes a some big changes; Backward compatibility is supported as much as possible.