First Go Of This AngularJS Meetup Thingy

Usage no npm install needed!

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AngularJS Vancouver Meetup (November 13 2013)

First Go Of This AngularJS Meetup Thingy


You can download the contents of this repo with either of the following commands

npm install vangularjs-meetup-november-13-2013

bower install vangularjs-meetup-november-13-2013


If you gave a talk at this meet up, you can add it to this repo with the following steps:

  1. Fork this repo by clicking the Fork button
  2. Clone the forked repo to your computer, e.g. git clone
  3. Create a new branch, e.g. git co -b some-cool-branch-name
  4. Create a folder with your name and talk title separated by dashes, e.g. mkdir gabe-scholz--introduction-to-ui-router
  5. Commit the changes, e.g. git commit -m "Some cool commit title"
  6. Push the changes to your repo with git push origin head -u
  7. Submit a pull request