The command line installer for vapor apps.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Vapor CLI

The command line installer for vapor apps.


You'll need the following software installed to get started.

  • Node.js 8.0+: Use the installer provided on the NodeJS website.
  • Git: Use the installer for your OS. Windows users can also try Git for Windows.


The Vapor CLI is installed through npm.

npm install -g vapor-cli

This will add the vapor command to your system.


The CLI periodically gets updates that add features or fix bugs. Use npm to upgrade the CLI to the newest version.

npm update -g vapor-cli

To check what version you currently have, use -v.

vapor -v



Starts the setup process for a new react web app project. The CLI will ask you which template you want to use and a folder name for the project.

vapor init

Create and use your own templates:

vapor init --repo

Or create a PR to add your templates to the vapor-cli/lib/util/templates.js file.


Lists all available commands in the CLI.

vapor help


Inspired on Foundation CLI