this package help to verify the type and characterstics of any variable provided

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If you're not sure that what kind of input you are getting and you want to validate it before doing further process this package help you with this. anything which is not as per requirement it returns error.

Installation and Usage

Server-side usage

Install the library with

npm install --save variables-type-validator

let validator = require('variables-type-validator');

const valid = validator.validate({
   variable_name: {
       value:"dummy string",
       errorMessage:"custom error message" //for custom message

this will check that if given value is string or not it return the object like below :-


        message:"all variables are valid"


type parameter accept four values

  1. String
  2. Number
  3. Array
  4. Object
  5. Boolean

this module also help you with other characteristics of variable like

required : true

this parameter define is the value of given variable is required or not.

Note :- by default required parameter is true

default: value

you can also set default value to any variable if its value is empty or null.


you can also define the length of the value of and variable. The length parameter accept an object. the length of the variable can be define as below

  1. gte (greater then or equal to)
  2. lte (lower then or equal to)
  3. eq ( equal to)
  4. gt (greater then)
  5. lt (lower then)

for example :-

const valid = validator.validate({


you can also pre define the schema for dataset you get it helps to validate the data and avoid unnecessary values.

creating Schema

first you have to register a schema an give it a name

Note :- schema name should be unique other wise it will throw an error.
const validator = require('validator');

        errorMessage:"custom error message" //for custom message

you can use same variable as you did in validate methods all parameters will work same as it does in validate method.

validating throw Schema

validating throw registered schema is super easy you just need to call the validateBySchema method.

const valid = validator.validateBySchema("my_schema",{
    variable2:"sample text"

and this is it. now this method find the schema you entered and validate the data which you inserted.

Note :- variable name should be same as you define on schema otherwise it will not validate the variable.

any : false

you can also restrict the unwanted variable by defining any parameter in schema options.


now if you insert data which has other variable unlike you define it will throw an response like below

const valid = validator.validateBySchema("my_schema",{
    variable1:"sample text",

    result: false,
    message: 'variable variable2 is not allowed in schema' 

it simple reject all the other variable which are not set in a Schema.

Note :- by default the any parameter wil be true which means it allow other variables which are not defined in Schema

validation ERROR messages

=> if type of given variable does not matched

  1. type of </your variable name> should be Array
  2. type of </your variable name> should be Object
  3. type of </your variable name> should be String
  4. type of </your variable name> should be Number
  5. type of </your variable name> should be Boolean

=> if required condition does not match

variable </your variable name> cannot be null

=> if length of given variable does not matched

  1. length of </your variable name> is must be greater then or equal to </ your condition>
  2. length of </your variable name> is must be lower then or equal to </ your condition>
  3. length of </your variable name> is must be equal to </ your condition>
  4. length of </your variable name> is must be greater then </ your condition>
  5. length of </your variable name> is must be lower then </ your condition>


this package is in its initial age so you may face some bugs and difficulties by using this but i am intresterd to know about your thoughts regarding this package so i can develop it more further and i hope that some of you may interested helping me with this package and give me new ideas that help me building this more further.

you can mail me your reviews and idea to my gmail account