Variety plugin, outputs results of Variety analysis in Latex format.

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<script type="module">
  import varietyPluginLatex from '';


Variety plugin - Latex output

This plugin outputs results of Variety analysis in Latex format.

         \begin{tabular}{|c|c|c|c|} \hline
            key & types & occurrences & percents \\ \hline
            \_id & ObjectId & 5 & 100.0 \\ \hline
            name & String & 5 & 100.0 \\ \hline
            bio & String & 3 & 60.0 \\ \hline
            birthday & String & 2 & 40.0 \\ \hline
            pets & Array,String & 2 & 40.0 \\ \hline
            someBinData & BinData-old & 1 & 20.0 \\ \hline
            someWeirdLegacyKey & String & 1 & 20.0 \\ \hline

How to run plugin

First download the index.js file from this Github repository.


Then pass the plugin path in Variety parameters like this:

mongo test --eval "var collection = 'users'; var plugins='/path/to/plugin/index.js';" variety.js

If you downloaded the plugin inside the same directory, where the is located also variety.js, you can omit the path and call Variety like this:

mongo test --eval "var collection = 'users'; var plugins='index.js';" variety.js

Number of columns

By default all the data columns are printed. If you are interested only in first N columns, adjust the plugin configuration:

mongo test --eval "var collection = 'users'; var plugins='index.js|numColumns=2';" variety.js

This will output only the first two columns (name, types).


If you want to hack on this plugin, just fork this repository and change index.js content.

Please see also the test suite. You can run the tests from your browser or console (with node.js). The tests are writen in Jasmine framework.

Console runner

You have to install node / npm first. Then you should install the test dependencies:

npm install -g jasmine-node jshint

Now you can run the test suite by calling

npm test

Browser tests

If you don't want or can't run console tests, you can use the included HTML test runner. Open in your browser tests.html located inside this repository. You should see the current results of tests. To repeat execution just reload the page.

Inspiration / idea

The latex output idea and first implementation comes from @joggino. Please see Variety pull request #91 for additional info.