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vdr-react-form-manager is a form manager for React. With vdr-react-form-manager you can:

  • Manage forms
  • Manage inputs validation
  • Manage cross form inputs validation
  • add/remove/update inputs

Show it in action

Visit vdr-react-form-manager-sandbox website to see several examples of how to use the library.


  • npm
    • npm install -save vdr-react-form-manager
  • yarn
    • yarn add -save vdr-react-form-manager


  • Even if is possible to use vdr-react-form-manager for react js project, we precognize to use it with typescript

How use it

const {
} = useFormManager(IFormInitalState)

IFormInitalState: is an object containing the initial form properties

Operation usage return value description
resetForm resetForm() void reset the form with the initialValues
handleFormChange handleFormChange(onformOnChangeEvent) void Pass the formOnChangeEvent to this method
getFormValues getFormValues() { k : v } return an object with form values

k : input name
v : input value(s)
getInputProps getInputProps(x) input properties return the input properties

x : input name
addInputs addInputs({ k : v }) void add new input(s)

k : input name
v : input properties
updateInputs updateInputs({ k : v }) void update input(s)

k : input name
v : input properties to update
removeInputs removeInputs(x) void remove input(s)

x : array of input name
validateInputs validateInputs(x) void will check the validity of your form and inputs. Each input.errors and formErros will be regenared,

x : null = all inputs will be checked

x : string[] = only the inputs is the list will be checked
updateFormProps updateFormProps(x) void update the form properties

x : FormProperties
emitLastFieldUpdated emitLastFieldUpdated(x) void configure if you want to receive the name of the latest input updated

x : true -> lastFieldUpdated will be setted
x : false -> lastfieldUpdated = null
default is true
lastFieldUpdated lastFieldUpdated { inputName: x } or null x : contains the name of the latest input updated if emitLastFieldUpdated = true

return null if emitLastFieldUpdated = false
isFormDisabled isFormDisabled boolean contains the form disabled status
isFormValid isFormValid boolean contains the form validity status
isFormTouched isFormTouched boolean The form has been touched
isFormPristine isFormPristine boolean The form has not been modified yet
formErrors formErros x contains the form errors

x : empty array if no errors
x : string[] array of string if the form has errors
formCustomsProps formCustomsProps { k : v } return an object with form values

k : key
v: value
# IFormInitialState

const { .... } = useFormManager(IFormInitialState)

You need to pass has parameter an object containing the initials props of your form.

|PropertyName|type|description|optional| |-|-|-|-| |formInputs| IStateInputs | Object containing the inputs properties |false| |formValidators|array[IFormValidator]|Array containing functions which implement IFormValidator in order to validate the form|true| |formCustomsProps| object{ k : v }|k : custom property name
v : custom property value|true| |formClassNames|string[]|Array of strings who contains the initial form classes|true|

IStateInputs: {K, V} object

Object containing the inputs properties

k : input name
v : input properties object

input properties

|PropertyName|type|description| optional| |-|-|-|-| |name|string| input name name - required and unique|false| |id|string|input id|true| |value|any|input value|true| |label|string|string who contains the input label|true| |isValid|boolean| the input content is valid|true| |errors|string[]|contains the input erros.
Empty array if no errors|true| |disabled|boolean|contains the input disabled status|true| |classNames|string[]|contains the input classes|true| |validators|IFormInputValidator[]|Array containing functions which implement IFormInputValidator in order to validate the input|true| |availableValues|IFormInputAvailableValue[]|Array containing objects which implement IFormInputAvailableValue in order to manage selectbox and multiple checkboxes|true| |customProps|IKeyAny|object{ k : v }|k : custom property name
v : custom property value|true| |updateId|string|random string who changes every time that the input value changes.
Ex: You can use this field to implement areequals function for React.memo|true| |isTouched|boolean|The input has been touched|true| |isPristine|boolean|The input has not been modified yet|true|

GitHub examples

Contains examples to manage a form using the library https://github.com/valentino-drappa/vdr-react-form-manager-sandbox