Make graphing equations into real graphs with vega!

Usage no npm install needed!

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vega expressions is a super simple way to turn graph equations into lines for vega!!

vega expressions was made for the original use of my discord bot but later decided to be posted :D

Most Recent Update Notes:

  • 0.0.2a => Added random, use {rand} in the string to signify random! And opts value randLevel = array [min, max] for random (Default: [0,10])
  • 0.0.2 => Added absolute value support ("|#|")

Simple setup

const vegaEXP = require('vegaexp');
new vegaEXP('2x+3').then((canvas) =>{ // Put the equation in here, this is also a promise that returns the canvas vega usually gives ya! :p
    // If you want to interact with the canvas as usual you can here!
    //Do what you want with this, in this example I'm just going to write the file
    fs.writeFileSync('./coolimage.png', canvas.toBuffer()) // Just look up Canvas documentation if you want to use these properly!

And now we have a picture!



Exponent support is here, and we have many more plans like:

  1. Optimized graph visualization
  2. Better customizability


At the moment customizing isn't very easy! But definitely planned!! If you want to customize the look of your graph you can either:

  1. Edit ./node_modules/vegaexp/base-template.json
  2. When making a new vegaEXP you can do vegaEXP(EXP, {file: YOUR_OWN_FILE.json}) (Full path). More customization will come soon but for no you need to learn the way vega customizes their visualization in JSON


NPM Package


Discord (For Support)