EVE Online Margin Tool

Usage no npm install needed!

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VENAL for EVE Online

Yet another EVE Online margin tool


$ npm install venal -g


After the first run (venal buy or venal sell) venal will be created ~/.venalrc file:

    "path": "",
    "jumps": 0,
    "fees": {
        "broker": 0.02,
        "tax": 0.01

You must specify the path for eve online market logs directory. To find this path, you can use the following command:

find ~/ -type d -name Marketlogs -print -quit

After that, you can use simple venal buy or venal sell

  venal help
  venal [command] <options>

        sell                copy sell price
        buy                 copy buy price
                  --jumps   jumps range, default 0
                  --step    increment value, default 0.01

        config              print current configuration
        help                print this message

Questions and Suggestions

You can report a problem or ask questions either with the help of github on Issues page or EVE-mail Lucien La'bar