This is a Vending Machine type module. If you want to change or add stuff to the Vending machine list then do "VM.machine.push({name : 'string', price : number})". That will add an item. To change an item do "VM.machine[INSERT_THE_ARRAY_NUMBER].name/price

Usage no npm install needed!

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V.1.0.0 This is a vending machine type module.

To add more items to the list do: VM.machine.push({name:'Example', price:100})

To change an item do: VM.machine[0].name = 'Example' or VM.machine[0].price = 100

To change the amount of money you have do: = 100

And finally to activate the machine, do: VM.func();

V.1.10: Added the 'random' command. VM.random(limit,true/false) The second parameter indicates wether or not you'll get a rounded number. The limit will not be reached.

V.1.2.0 Fixed a major bug: -The package ACTUALLY works now.