Vendure plugin for integration with the Mollie payment platform

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Channel aware payment provider for Mollie

Vendure version
This plugin is channel-aware, meaning you can have a different API key and redirect Url per channel.

1. Add in plugin list in vendure-config.ts:


Pass your publicly available Vendure host to the plugin. This is used by Mollie to let the plugin know when the status of a payment changed.

does not work with localhost Use something like localtunnel to test locally.

2. Admin ui

  1. Go to the Vendure admin
  2. Go to settings > paymentMethods and create a payment method with the name mollie-payment-YOUR_CHANNEL_TOKEN. This specific name is used in the webhook from Mollie.
  3. Set the redirectUrl, this is the url that is used to redirect the end-user. I.E. https://storefront/
  4. Set the your Mollie key in the apiKey field.

The redirect url is used like this: ${redirectUrl}order/${order.code}, so your user will be directed to the page on https://storefront/order/CH234X5 logo