node module for API calls to Veracross

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get API data from Veracross in JSON
authenticate a user and return a user object upon success


npm install --save veracross


var veracross = require('veracross');
var apiData;
var user;

// set the API creds/details
veracross.setOptions('domainID', 'api.username', 'myApiPassword');

// asynchronous get request to endpoint
veracross.get('endpoint', 'count=1000', function(data){
    apiData = data;

// asynchronous authentication check on user credentials
veracross.authenticate('username', 'password', function(user){
    user = user;



the apiOptions property is initialized as an empty object. .setOptions() assigns the properties needed for .get() and .authenticate() to run properly.

.setOptions(domainID, apiUser, apiPass)

domainID is the string after the host in your Veracross URL. For example, if your Veracross URL is then you should use 'starfleetacademy' as the domainID in .setOptions().
apiUser and apiPass are the api username and password.

.get(endpoint, query, callback)

endpoint is a string for the particular endpoint defined by Veracross. See the Veracross API documentation. '.json' concat happens automatically in the script.

query is a string that takes the form 'queryID1=val1,queryID2=val2' No need to include the ? -- that's added in the script. The callback function takes one argument data which holds the API data returned by .get()

.authenticate(username, password, callback)

username and password are credentials of the user for the function to check. callback function takes one argument. A successful authentication will return a user object.

Any errors will be thrown before the callback and print to the console.


  • this module calls the V2 API
  • .get() retrieves JSON