Verdaccio module to authenticate users via Bitbucket

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Verdaccio Module For User Auth Via Bitbucket

This module provides an engine for Verdaccio to make user authorizations via Bitbucket 2.0 API.

Please note :bell:

This package is a just fork of, but uses a non-deprecated Bitbucket API to resolve user permissions. If you have trouble authenticating your verdaccio users with the original package, this may be your rescue.


As simple as running:

$ npm install -g verdaccio-auth-bitbucket


    allow: TeamOne(owner), TeamX(owner|collaborator|member), TeamZ
    ttl: 604800 # 7 days
    hashPassword: true
    cache: redis
        host: ''
        port: 6379
        prefix: 'verdaccio-bitbucket:'
    allow_access: TeamZ
    allow_publish: TeamOne, TeamX # restrict to bitbucket teams

Auth Config

Key Description Options Default value
allow Bitbucket teams which should be allowed to access the registry, separated by user groups and commas. For ex. TeamOne(owner), TeamX(owner|collaborator|member), TeamZ {string} null
ttl Time-to-live of cache (seconds). For ex. 604800 = 7 days {number} 604800
defaultMailDomain Specify a default domain for the username, For ex. "" {string} null
hashPassword When using cache, it will save the passwords hashed (highly recommended) {true|false} true
cache Caching engine to prevent re-accessing bitbucket servers. For Production usage and scaling, Redis is highly recommended redis|in-memory|null in-memory
redis YAML Nested Map of options for Redis Client creation (look on the config sample). Read more YAML Nested Map

More Details?

For more information please visit the original package