VersaCLI is responsible for reading your commits and create git tags based on it

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Manages git tags creation based on your project's commits, following commitzen pattern.


npm i -g versa-cli

How to


To login on github, you must run following command.

versa login

Above command will start questionary where you need to provide your credentials, with full confidentiality evading your informations being distributed through world. Following commands needs your Github credentials to fully work.

Make Tag

To make a tag, you must run following command.

versa make:tag

If not tag is already created it will create tag v1.0.0, otherwise it will read your commits and prepare version according to what was done.

Configuration file

Versa already comes with a bunch of configurations, but you can override each one by creating a file .versarc with your defined configuration.

Release Branch

Default release branch configured is master but you can override this by option "release.branch", for example:

  "release": {
    "branch": "branch_name"

Tag prefix

Default tag prefix is "v" letter, but you can change it or remove it by overriding "release.prefix" option.

  "release": {
    "prefix": ""